Character Bug Report Rules.

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Character Bug Report Rules.

Post by drazaer on Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:30 pm

First off, ABSOLUTELY no messy ass shit. Nothing worse than reading a sloppy ass report. Be VERY specific in your reports, adding the spell name, a wowhead link of the spell/talent, What is wrong with the spell, what it SHOULD do, if doing a full class report, make sure to keep it neat by dividing each tree, dividing talents and spell, etc. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! HIGHLIGHTED THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SPELL! If the spell in a minor bug, leave the writing normal. If the spell is game breaking/class breaking, make sure to BOLD the writing. Knowing the degree of importance of the bug will help derimon prioritize certain stuff before others.

Any messy ass unclear shit will be deleted by me.


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