Some Rogue Bugs

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Some Rogue Bugs

Post by Medonja on Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:16 am
Cloak of shadows, works on most of game spells BUT here are some exceptions...
Im almost 100% sure that cloak of shadows should affect Hammer of Justice causing it to miss when used....
Aka Death knights Death Grip spell...It also ignores the presence of Cloak of Shadows...Im also not 100% sure for it aswell...

Same for

______________________________________________________________________________________ Is simply not doing its job ...

______________________________________________________________________________________ My personal thoughts are it's doing way to low damage...With 5000 attack power it ticks for 290-315 on average on a player....And it does tick less on players with more armor...Rupture should ignore armor thus making it tick same on targets with alot of armor and targets with no armor...(I did NOT count resilience) I would assume same works for Garrote as it says by Wowhead.....

Thank you for your patience...

EDIT: I forgot about

Im speced eviscerate and i still do more with Envenom....
Envenom damage is fine but eviscerates is way way way too low... Does it ignore attack power ? Probably not i think it's just the numbers...Way too low...


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