>Ulduar< Full bugged.

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>Ulduar< Full bugged.

Post by Nenad777 on Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:33 pm

In about 2 weeks ago, Deranged, Loneliness, Jackk, Doodles, Cyclops, etc, and me went to Ulduar to help Deranged get Hit Rating trinket from Flame Leviathan. We had troubles to get to him, because when on our way to him, we got stuck, few times. (bug number 1)
Also, before we were on our way to Flame Leviathan, we couldn't mount all Demolishers nor Siege Engines. The green curly arrow wouldn't show, and we couldn't mount'em.
- There are probably more bugs out there, in Ulduar, but we did only that boss, so we didn't notice other bugs which would trouble us on our way to the next boss.

Anyhow, almost nobody is doing Ulduar, anymore, so this is just a little report with no requests to be fixed. But, still, sometimes someone needs something from there.


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Re: >Ulduar< Full bugged.

Post by deluded on Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:48 pm

Actually when you left, we did other bosses until Mimiron. They were more or less fine. At the moment, Iron Concourse and the Flame Levi fight are in the worst state. Rest is.. not impossible.

Iron Council fight was actually challenging.
Aurijajajajajjajajajajajajajjajajaaaaa had 5 cats spawned instead of 2, otherwise a decent fight.
Kologarn was nice. Scripts were almost working.
XT was fun, though heart couldn't be attacked for some reason. Placement bug I think.
Mimiron's lasers were a bit off from the animation, but otherwise nothing impossible.
Razorscale was a farm.
Ignis is a bit bugged, he revives all of the mobs from the wall instead of 1. That's a bit overpowered.

Descent to madness was open for some reason even before killing the keepers.

The portals aren't connecting as well as you'd hope, though.

Oh and train doesn't wanna come back.

But yes, FUCK FLAME LEVIATHAN. I say we enable the teleporters right away and park some vehicles into the fucking combat zone so you wouldn't have to do that bugged piece of shit drive that bugs 4 people out of 10.

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Re: >Ulduar< Full bugged.

Post by Obscure on Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:01 pm

We didn't check the other bosses though... thx to couple of ninja pulls by a certain pet lol!

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Re: >Ulduar< Full bugged.

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