Important informations regarding recruiting.

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Important informations regarding recruiting.

Post by koljach on Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:02 am

as you people know, Sapped has ALWAYS been both a PvE and PvP guild, but currently we are ONLY interested in PvE raiders (we have enough PvP maniacs to kick ass whenever we need too). We opened applications in hope to get some more dedicated raiders, what means if you get accepted, you are supposed to be online on raid times.
This time, we DO NOT give casual spots, what means if you plan to apply just to get <sapped girls> tag under your name, then dont apply at all.
Also, if you get accepted and then come online once a week, then dont apply at all. We are looking for serious dedicated raiders, not some unreliable casuals.


1) elemental shamans
2) enhancement shamans
3) balance druids
4) few dedicated tanks
5) healers are always welcomed

other classes and specs are welcomed to apply as well, but these have priority.
Dont think you can apply with some of aforementioned classes, then get in on all alts and raid on your warrior. You are supposed to play with class you applied with.
Good luck everyone.

Administration of SGCSN.

P.S. Jackk, u dumb shit, we have NEVER been a straight PvE guild, get your fucking facts straight.

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