Dots ful 10% bug

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Dots ful 10% bug

Post by TwIzTeD on Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:02 pm

The dot system has always been bugged as hell and this is a hugeass issue for any dot class since it really hinders their performance.
Taken from Elitist Jerks :
"When you apply a DoT, your current values of spellpower, critchance etc. are written into the spell, meaning any changes to your stats won't affect it anymore. Debuffs on the boss on the other hand will affect the spell immediately, e.g. hitting the boss with a dot followed by a Haunt will have the same effect as the other way around (in both cases, the dot WILL be affected by Haunt and Shadow Embrace). Contrary to this, casting a dot and chugging a Wild Magic Potion afterwards will NOT affect the dot, while using the pot beforehand will work, of course. The same applies to debuffs on you: When a debuff is applied after the spell has been cast, it will NOT affect the spell. This can easily be seen at the Thaddius Encounter in Naxxramas. Corruption is a very special case due to its refresh mechanic, see below."

The bolded parts aren't currently working as they should,

Corruption and SW:P should also retain ANY effect they had once cast if they are refreshed by Everlasting Affliction/Pain And Suffering.However, if they are reapplied manually they follow the mechanic above.
This bug is pretty big, so a fix would be good (I'd have posted this in TC but I don't have the site again and I don't think they'd understand what I'm talking about)


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