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Post by drazaer on Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:06 pm

Read this and at least try to understand

-ALL applications must follow the guidelines stated here.
Invalid applications will be deleted and/or ridiculed without notice.

-Do NOT bother with applying if you dont have at least 90% pve gear. (16/18 slots)

-Applications will be reviewed among GM and the rest of the co-GM body every 2-3 days, when they will decide which applicants will be accepted.

-Accepted applicants will have to whisper a co-GM or a higher officer in game to get their characters invited into the guild.
Now, don't think your quite in the clear yet. You will be designated to a probation rank (Recruit) for a while; If we like you and you prove to be worthy, you will be promoted to a full-fledged member soon enough.

-Do NOT post in your own application unless specific permission is given.

-If your application got denied, Don't think its over! You MAY post ANOTHER application 7 days after the Sunday you got denied on.

That gives you the chance to be accepted 2 weeks after getting your first application denied.

PS: This does NOT apply for people who get Declined ahead of the patch. If your application gets closed, you need to wait 2 weeks from when the patch you were supposed to be on gets done to re-apply. So in other words it's generally wise to not get your app closed prematurely.

Note: There is also no upper limit to how many times you can do this. The current record is 5. You're bound to get it right or bore the bollocks off us eventually. Whichever comes first.

-Sapped members MAY respond to applications, but try to refrain from asking questions or causing trouble.
You may "Thumbs Up" the application, and give a brief description why, or a "Thumbs Down" and give a brief description why, but that's it.

-If you are not a sapped member, don't bother posting in anyone else's application
for it makes you look like a complete and utter self-righteous douche. The right of being a self-righteous douche is reserved for members only. For, and the following can't be stressed enough, we do not actually care for your opinion in the slightest.

-Remember, when making your application, making yourself look polite and mature goes a LONG way.
Fill out each part of the application PROPERLY! Do not skip questions, if they weren't important, they wouldn't be there in the first place. Write as much detail as you can, in a small compact way to show us what you're made of, without boring our bollocks off. We sort of like our bollocks.

Copying other applications will earn you a permanent ban!

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