Tier10 elemental shaman's 1st set bonus bug

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Tier10 elemental shaman's 1st set bonus bug Empty Tier10 elemental shaman's 1st set bonus bug

Post by Agni on Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:43 am

Alright, so the 1st set bonus(or bonus for having 2 tier10 items) is supposed to decrease the cooldown of elemental mastery by 2 seconds for every chain lightning and lightning bolt hits(actually, not every, but rather, huge chance for using those two spells). However, when you look at elemental mastery spell, you notice that your cooldown is skiping 2 seconds, but,in true, it dosen't. It still has 3 min. cooldown, but only now you can't tell if it's ready or not. It's not a huge problem, i can simply count 3 minutes after i used it, but still, if it weren't bugged, then this 2 seconds skips might turn out to be pretty usefull thing.
Probably in the wrong forum
Probably in the wrong forum

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Tier10 elemental shaman's 1st set bonus bug Empty Re: Tier10 elemental shaman's 1st set bonus bug

Post by deluded on Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:22 pm


Is what he's talking about. Also, ignore the 2000, it's actually 2.

Also, an accepted term for the 1st set bonus is "2set bonus", as opposed to "4set bonus". That way you can talk about the specific bonuses regardless of how many there are (see older items or items with bigger sets for reference)

Is the spell. It's not only useful, but also self-sustaining. The 2set bonus for Ele should be amazing, shaving off a minute in cd time with 30sec, given good enough haste gear, meaning you can shave your Elemental Mastery cooldown down to 1 minute, MEANING hasted casts for 15 seconds after every 45sec. Puls an instant one. It's not only good but amazingly awesome. With the glpyh you shave off an additional 30sec.

So yea, with this not working, you're kind of... well... fucked.

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