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Expalantions inside. Empty Expalantions inside.

Post by koljach on Sat Oct 27, 2012 4:21 pm

1) To view full picture, because forum usually crops right side of it (it is shown only 877 pixels in width), go right click on picture -> View Picture.

2) Some achievements are there twice, because of server crash in 2009. of course. We got them both on old server and now on new one.

3) I wasnt present at Death's Demise kill, friend was logged for me, so Kannis took pictures. It is from his point of view. That is why we are all red.

4) Date on Death's Demise achievement is wrong, because that character is transferred from old server.

5) On old server, before burlex fixed it for Ulduar, you could get achievements on either 10 or 25. So we did them on 10 man, because required less time. That is why old Malygos, Sartharion and Naxx are 10 man.

6) Three first screenshots dont have -"Achievement earned by" and date- box because back in the days i didnt think of that, and today those characters are no longer accessable. Only cyclops got his transferred.

7) On the bottom of every post there is short background story about that particualr kill. If you are interested in knowing more, dont miss it!


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