3. Fozen Skull - Malygos - 20.5.2009.

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3. Fozen Skull - Malygos - 20.5.2009.  Empty 3. Fozen Skull - Malygos - 20.5.2009.

Post by koljach on Sat Oct 27, 2012 4:26 pm

3. Fozen Skull - Malygos - 20.5.2009.  WoWScrnShot_052109_010648
Participants: Rawzens, Malandro, Frane, Jackk, Derimon, Lolbloom, Vladcho, Vejitaa, Raguel
missing on screenshot: Romok

After 10 hours of naxxramas, this was like a walkthrough. Already with some wotlk gear, we went to Eye of Eternity right after naxxramas kill, and managed to one shot malygos, or maybe there was 1 wipe. Anyway, wasnt really hard, and rewarded a title i am still proudly wearing today. But Romok left immidietely, noone knows why, so we had to make a ss without him. He probably went to check his helm collection


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