6. Lothar's rest - Sartharion second time - 31.5.2010.

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6. Lothar's rest - Sartharion second time - 31.5.2010.

Post by koljach on Sat Oct 27, 2012 4:49 pm

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Quick, clean kill, no drama like on malygos, and another shiny title was ours. However, almost immidietely after the kill, server crashed so i didnt have chance to make clean SS, infront of corpse. Luckily, i was smart enough to take one on moment of kill, so today we got a proof. I was worried about whether we will get the achievement or not, because you know how rollbacks often fuck up something you got, but deri explained to us (yes, he was talking on ts, or maybe was it vent) that on the moment it is taken, that achievement gets written in char database, and we cannot lose it. With loot is different, we didnt get it, and you know how valuable that is when you are still in leveling gear, but it was way less important.

NOTE: I would like to thank Barros for sparkling my memory. When he told me what happened i remembered everything what happened back then

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Re: 6. Lothar's rest - Sartharion second time - 31.5.2010.

Post by Ignis Dei on Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:07 am

you forgot that there was a server crash right after the kill, after that, on next day realm fist was added, but, no loot
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