8. Lothar's rest - Trial of the Crusader - 29.12.2010.

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8. Lothar's rest - Trial of the Crusader - 29.12.2010.

Post by koljach on Sat Oct 27, 2012 4:59 pm

Geespot, Cratos, Atina, Minimalizam, Fastdeath, Scyla, Everes, Nenad, Frane, Jaimex, Drazaer, Laiko, Jackk, Cyclops, Deltablazy, Doodle, Deranged, Peryite, Rictus, Die, Shambles, Dawnofheal, Thrill, Neka, ???? (Deathknight)

I just noticed general lack of mages on these screenshots. There wasnt a single mage on Frozen Skull achievements, and on LR ones there is only one. So 1 mage in 8 achievements lol. Compare that to paladins, who were represented with 7 individuals this time lol.

For this run we were practicing on normal, and altough volcanos and nether portals on Jaraxxus posed a problem, i think we killed everything including anub'arak without a single wipe, otherwise we wouldnt get the achievement. Stacking frost resistance totem and aura helped us on anub a lot though. But even without that we wouldnt have problems, we are SGCSN afterall
WIth this, we are finishing our run through realm first history of this guild. This means, we hold every single one of those achievements. Every realm first achievement that was obtained, was obtained by Sapped Girls. And what future holds, noone knows. But i know for sure we will not stop on 8 Wink

APPENDIX: who on earth is person whos name is overlapping with Neka, on far right. He is weilding single 2hander, what means it is not a warrior. I think i see blue eyes what would mean it is a DK. But i cannot read the name ffs, no matter how hard i try. Only thing i know for sure is that his/her name starts with "S", and second letter is "o" or maybe "u". We currently, today, dont have DK in guild who matches these clues. So If someone has a clue who might that be, please tell me, to put his name where it belongs

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Re: 8. Lothar's rest - Trial of the Crusader - 29.12.2010.

Post by Jinqrona on Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:54 pm

Lol I was out geting drunk that night, I knew i should've raided Very Happy


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