Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

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Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

Post by grandma on Mon May 12, 2014 7:58 pm

2.LEVEL: 80
3.CLASS: Roog
4.RACE: Human

5.MAIN SPEC: PvE  Mut   http://wotlk.openwow.com/talent#f0ec0egoVboIuVo0xV0xcZb

6.OFF-SPEC: PvE Combat

-a) main spec: hunger for blood / mutilate / FoK
-b) off-spec: Killing spree / sin strike / Evisc
               Deph: MS Spriest in 5683 gs / OS holy in 5446 gs /  Enchant + Tailor
               Daphrodite: MS Hpala in 5461 gs / OS  Ret about 5.2gs / crafting in BS and JC, not my main         Smithy but she is my main JC. I rarely play it ret unless I feel like a change of gaming, otherwise ret is boring for me.

               Cordax: My warrior, my very first ally char resurrected from my first server back in  2006/2007. MS Fury in 5647 gs / OS Tankard about 5.4 gs. crafting BS and JC again, nice combo. I jc with a lot of chars because it's quite versatile, this guy is my main BS.

               Grizzlyadams: Huntard MS MM in 5655 gs / OS BM but not played unless I feel like getting Beast out for a run around, BRS corehound boss, he's lovely Very Happy

               I have a couple of of other chars for servicing my needs in profs, Cord is lvl 80 Wlock, Tmute master and Herbs which is all I use it for really, saves me buying flasks. and I have Messitup, lvl 80 ret pally for mining and skinning if I need anything from that.

I also have a few horde chars I've levelled just for a different view of the game, they don't deserve much of a mention really since I don't play them. Only one of them is 80, an Orc rogue in combat  spec.... why do Orcs have the best racial for rogue? My other hordies are in their 70s, fun to lvl but that's about it really, none of them have any focus for me. I'm ally lol.



11.AGE: omg do I really have to tell you I'm 41? and playing wow? man that's kinda sad haha

12.CITY AND COUNTRY: I live in UK, no cities where I am, only towns and villages.


Monday - 19:45 GMT+1 - 23:30 GMT+1:         Yes
Tuesday - 19:45 GMT+1 - 23:30 GMT+1:         Yes
Wednesday - 19:45 GMT+1 - 23:30 GMT+1:   Yes
Thursday - 19:45 GMT+1 - 23:30 GMT+1:       Yes
Friday - 19:45 GMT+1 - 23:30 GMT+1:            Yes
Sunday - 19:45 GMT+1 - 23:30 GMT+1:          Yes

Monday:  I really dare not count how many hours I play each day, but I'm on everyday for too long :O|
Tuesday:  more hours than the guild needs
Wednesday: more hours than my life needs
Thursday: did I say too long?
Friday: more than half an hour I think... /understatement... no really!
Saturday: My kids come to stay with me at weekends so I need to share pc time a bit so they can play some
Sunday: same as Saturday but I always have time to get something done.



Patchy at Naxx weekly today.

18.PLEASE EXPLAIN US YOUR ROTATION: Well if I need to apply a bleed myself I open with garotte, sometimes I just open with garotte anyway as I often find myself waiting for other player to apply one whether it's hunter or warrior... either we have different target or they're doing something wrong idk... something for me to consider maybe hitting their target in future. anyhoo, once I have a bleed on, it's SnD, HfB and Mut to 4 or 5 CP then Envenom.

Occasionally I will shiv if my energy is regen fast enough and I still have envenom buff  going...just to get me from 4 CP to 5. shiv is a cheap one pointer and sometimes is worthwhile especially if instant poison is on OH, or in unlikely event that I only have 4 stacks of deadly up and have deadly on OH wep. Otherwise I might have 5 CP up and a chance to pool energy, you never quite know since every moment ur needs change when you're building CP for envenom.

Sorry if this is turning into a wall of text, lol, I know you guys hate it... I hate it myself.... but roguery isn't  just simple rotation if u wanna max ur dps... so I'm explaining what I do and the best I know how.

I usually wait until an envenom is ready before casting TOTT on tank or other player, especially if I'm hitting cold blood first, as this is one of my biggest threat potentials. On opening with a boss I usually deplete my energy before using TOTT as the energy return is best gained when ur depleted. Other times I may use TOTT after  vanish to gain overkill buff, since I may have just done envenom for a decent crit and ToTT wasn't ready then...I'll be making a macro later to help with vanish > ToTT > attack .

Use vanish at every opportunity, drums of war at my discretion (usually on many adds like geists at PW) and I like to have a cup of thistle tea from time to time....

19.HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING WoW:  Think I mentioned earlier, started in 2006 or 2007 on private serv patch 2.2.3 I think. Then serv went to 2.4.3  for a long time I think and ended up on 3.3.0 but by then serv was half dead, only couple of hundred players so I didn't see much wotlk raid content and rdf didn't work.
20. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING WITH CHARACTER YOU ARE APPLYING WITH: I transfered with this from previous server in 2011, spent 2 days levelling for shits until GM sorted out my 80 and free gear. time played on this char = 19 dys 6h / whole account = 101 days

21.RETAIL EXPERIENCE: I haven't played retail really. I did make an account about 18 months ago, or before MoP came out IDK about timing really but serv was low pop, stayed for an hour and never logged in again... can't even remember my details lol.

22.RAID EXPERIENCE (before TBC): I didn't play until tbc so no Naxx 60 or anything but that would be fun now.

23.RAID EXPERIENCE (TBC): did kara quite a lot but mostly post tbc, SSC but really can't remember much of it... TK a few times, gruul's lair a few times, magtheridon, BT. I only played warrior back then, had me some T6 pieces at least .  Started to level a roog, got to late 70s and we moved server then roog became my main class.

24.RAID EXPERIENCE (WOTLK): Well this is where it gets really depressing haha. I've only been as far as PP and and keleseth in ICC, both 10 and 25 where kills are concerned,  although rotty n fester got dropped for loot. I didn't kill bql yet, there's still holes in my understanding of that encounter but practice helps. Killed PP on mga server but not on gamer yet, mostly due to pugging here. pugs just never go far even with a capable team sometimes ppl just quit which screws it up for the other 9 or 24.  So for ICC there's more for me to do yet... sure would like to see some endgame content.

Haven't done any RS at all, when I first came to Gamer RS was bugged to hell and nobody could do it. Now I'm playing again everybody wants achieves so I have no chance still. Done toc 10/25 but nubby still lives on my achieve list... but he's died in both naxx 10/25 and azol nerob... I'll get him a 3rd place yet haha. Used to farm OS here a lot when portals didn't work, I'm guessing nobody farms it now for that reason lol portals work. Used to to OL quite a bit but not for long time.

25.WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN SAPPED:  Because I've come to appreciate the guild for what it is... . Sure... I left... but at the time I guess I didn't feel part of it... maybe I expected too much and too soon... looking back to how things were in my old guild when shit was really good... but I gave what I could when ppl asked. No offence to Zael, lol, but he was just some random guy doing questions and invites. Once I was in, I didn't really feel "in". Kinda weird I know but I don't know how to explain it another way. I used to be in a great guild once, we ran like a clock, we were tight, did good raids and had fun and always tried...  it was a kinda special... and I think maybe sapped have that special too .  did I mention the raids?  Iwanna raid... like a LOT! haha Oh, and I said I'd never apply to a guild in this way... lool I guess I must want it that much

26.WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM YOU: nolifing haha and always ready to rock some bosses... I want what you want... great gaming and kills

27.DO YOU PREFER PVP OR PVE? AND WHY: I love PVE first and foremost PVP is too random and uncoordinated really, it has it's up sides but nothing like pve raiding. Don't really like PVP all that much. I really hate the prospect of doing BG and usually only do it to gear up for pve so I can hold my own in parties, but once I'm in BG it's ok I have fun especially if I'm on pally healer, it's nice being supportive that way but world pvp or arena just ain't my bag...

28.WHAT ARE YOUR PREVIOUS GUILDS, AND WHY YOU LEFT THEM:  I've been in lots of guilds on this serv.... most of them through signing charters for ppl... signed 2 charters in one day last week haha.
My first guild here is gone, ppl left, I didn't play for a long while idk what happened and I had no passion for other guild so stayed guildless then had a long break from wow again.

A couple of weeks ago Mushi made a guild. I'd raided with him a few times and thought he was a decent raid leader so I put all my chars in his guild. He seems a cool guy and I had high hopes for the guild, it grew fast but then lots of ppl left, some joined sapped I noticed... first guild raid 24 ppl signed up for icc but only 14 of us showed. I guess maybe mushi got disheartened and stopped giving a damn about guilldies idk but he was doing ICC one day and wouldn't inv my war even though  it was in guild. He started saying "no alts" in his yells. so I went on rogue, also in guild. he said "no more rogues"... so I left... where I come from guildies take priority for raids otherwise there's not much point having guild to build on.


30.ARE YOU ABLE TO GET ON TEAMSPEAK/VENTRILO?  Never used it before but I can do of course.

DBM / recount / altoholic - datastore / rogue power bars / healbot / obligatory GS lol / gatherer / and just installed outfitter and power auras which I'm still trying to get to grips with.


33.ADITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOU: I hate talking about myself... that's additional.

34.ENTERTAIN US. JOKE: a man walks into a bar and, um...nope I forgot it....
                                         Englishman, irishman and scotsman are on a desert island... nope I forgot it
                                         Um...knock knock?
                                         knock knock?
                                         knock knock!!
                                         I'll put some music on then :O|

                                         I have no idea how to put colours on this, but until I find out, have these words... /edit colours with colour lol pink, blue,  orange, green, brown, black, red              >,< see I'm not colourblind and I figured it out haha.

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Probably in the wrong forum
Probably in the wrong forum

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Re: Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

Post by Atoms on Tue May 13, 2014 2:05 am

5.MAIN SPEC: PvE Mut/assasin 6.OFF-SPEC: PvE Combat wrote:
Where are spec?
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Re: Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

Post by Linda Lovescoxx on Tue May 13, 2014 3:30 am

Thumbs up.

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Re: Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

Post by Esper on Tue May 13, 2014 8:04 am

H-hey! I was amused by an application itself (description got me tbh).

Minor adjustments and it'll be fine. TU


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Re: Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

Post by Hereicomeish on Tue May 13, 2014 8:09 am

Thumbs up
Probably in the wrong forum
Probably in the wrong forum

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Re: Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

Post by Atoms on Tue May 13, 2014 8:56 am

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Re: Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

Post by Like on Tue May 13, 2014 2:16 pm

Yup ...legit

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Re: Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

Post by deluded on Tue May 13, 2014 4:16 pm

I might not be an active part of this guild, but I think they need you in here more than they can possibly fathom.

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Re: Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

Post by Zael on Tue May 13, 2014 8:31 pm

Accepted. Whisper an officer in-game for invite.

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Re: Daph's app [ACCEPTED]

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