1. Frozen Skull - Sartharion - 19.05.2009.

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1. Frozen Skull - Sartharion - 19.05.2009.

Post by koljach on Sat Oct 27, 2012 3:59 pm

Participants: Lolbloom, Algid, Malandro, Romok, Danciandra, Jackk, Rodneris, Vengyveng, Kaelzilla, Necroly

We were leveling whole afternoon and good part of evening. This was first achievement. After that we tried naxxramas, cleared 2 wings but didnt manage to pass Gothik due to being 9, and was 4 or even 5 AM so there was no replacement. Also, notice our SWP gear lol. We were so pro. While rest of the server was still in heroics (and wiping in them, from what i heard), we were getting 1337 feats of strength. Sapped girls, fuck yea.
On a sidenote, Vengyveng was stupid cunt's boyfriend. She brought a boyfriend from retail to help us. Probably only nice thing she has ever done


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